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Welcome to SOFT MINIMAL Wellness—where we embody a softening of the mind and body, inviting mindfulness amidst life's hustle. 'MINIMAL' signifies achieving more with less, keeping life easy for a balanced and mindful approach to wellbeing.

SOFT MINIMAL Wellness was founded from recognizing the need for practical self-care solutions in our lives and those around us. Our goal is to provide tools that effortlessly fit into your busy routine, offering intentional moments of self-care to help you be your best.

Proudly woman and BIPOC owned, we are committed to helping you thrive without burnout. Our own experiences have led us to prioritize self-care to live a fulfilling life aligned with our values, inspiring the founding of our brand.

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My Daily Self Journal was created as a dedicated space just for you.

Reset your mind, de-stress, and improve mental clarity with this simple, effective tool.

Let this journal be your reminder to carve out moments for your health, happiness and wellbeing. You deserve it!

Also available in printable format.

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Enhance your wellbeing with our printable resources, offering flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

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